Monday, April 23, 2007

Time and Room for Midterm exam

I have asked the Department Secretary, Christine, to reserve any of the rooms that you gave me, Q305, 306, 706, and 503. All these rooms have already been reserved by other classes. Make-up classes and other reservations made by other classes are not shown on the computer system. The only available room is the conference room, which like what I've said previously, is not open for regular classes.

You can call Christine at extension 5304 and clarify this matter with her.

Meanwhile, we will stick to our original time and place,

Date of Midterm: April 27
Time: 1:10-3:00 pm
Place: Q202



Anonymous said...

How about testing on 4/26(Thur.) afternoon or night 6:00~8:00

Aiden said...

Let us not make things complicated. It would be difficult to arrange the classroom at this stage.

We will stick to our original class time.



Anonymous said...

Dear Aiden
Hello, this is James (School Id: 1094104051)
I supposed I couldn't come to the class for testing on Fri. because I have a Youth Travel Voluntary Service Camp of National Youth Commission in Taichung.
Every campers have to arrive Taichung before 1:30 P.M.
Could I test tomorrow afternoon (Thurs.)? or the other days?
I’m sorry I’m so late that tell you this information.
P.S. Today (2:00~3:00) I went to Z0902, but you were not here.

Your student, James (YJ4).


Aiden said...

Hi James,

Yes, it's too late. I am afraid that I won't have the time to create a new test for you. I can't give you the same test your classmates will be having this Friday.

It's either you try and take the test on Friday, which only take a few minutes- probably around 40-45 minutes, 1 hour-tops, or miss it. You have your choice.

You should have informed me last week so I could have prepared in advance.

I hope you understand.