Friday, April 13, 2007

Group 4: Salvador Dali

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View powerpoint slides used during in-class presentation

Watch their photostory
Group 4 Intermediate English project


Anonymous said...

It's a very special work. The surrealist art is not easy to see what it wants to show. but I think the music helps a lot. Actually I don't think the lyrics matched the pictures but the melody is good. It seems that I could see how wide the world is and what the huge meaning of those pictures are by the project.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my student number:1094104042:)

Leila said...

1094104002 Leila Lee
I already did my best in this project and I think my oral was not bad. Maybe the lyrics is not really matched the pictures, but actually we wanted to match the "feeling", not just the single picture.

Ursula said...

Sorry, I don't think the lyrics matched the pictures, but I like this song with the melody even though I'm not really know what the song means. I think the PPT was very good. The introduction with the Salvador Dali was very particular.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
It's a sad song.
The lyrics meaned no one can understand why he drow that pictures.And so do I.
But I don't think that lyrics matched his life.Maybe I didn't know him.

Anonymous said...

I think the paint is too deep for me.But I like it.Thank Group 4 did the great job for us.
1094104052 Dora

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
I like their presentation. It is easy to understand the painter. But I don't think so the song is match with the paintings.

Michael said...

Wonderful work! Others have commented about the suitability of the lyrics, but the mood created by the music is just right. Well done.

Anonymous said...

1094104019 Ming
In this project the most difficult thing was look for a song that can match the painter and I think I did all of I can do for this presentation.
I think my oral presentation was good; just I spoke a little fast though.
Maybe the last part of the lyrics did not go well with the picture but I think most of the lyrics and melody did perfectly.

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

Their presentation is very interesting, because they can catch my attention. When teacher asked them questions, they replied very well.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

I like your work. I think the music is not only matched the pictures of the artist but also matched the "feeling" of the artist. It's good.

Mônica Veado said...

Hello group4! Congratulations on your work, I liked it very much! I don't know about the lyrics, but I thoughthe choice of music was perfect! That's part of Rodrigo's Concert of Aranjuez, one of my favourite guitar pieces. If you would like to know what the music really sounds like, here's a great link, with the phenomenal Narciso Yepes playing the guitar.
Well done!
Hugs from Brazil.

delvallesiosi said...

Hi Group four:
Congratulations on your work!!!
Did you choose Salvador Dalí or was it given to you?
It was a bit "heavy " to download.But we could enyoy the first part.The song was perfectly chosen. It invites you beyond reality just like Dalí or surrealism do. When we heard "years we have wasted",we saw melted watches. GREAT !!!
Suggestive images and words. Thanks for them

Students from Del Valle in Argentina.

Dennis said...

What a very special PowerPoint and Photostory!

I was impressed with the background material on Dali and the Photostory combining examples of his work with the music for "Follow Me."

It's difficult to describe the feeling I had when I viewed and listened to the Photostory; the "atmosphere" was reflective, and it was as if I had entered a different reality. That was appropriate, I think, since that is exactly what Dali did in so many of his works: he created visions that were at the same time partially conventional and partially surreal, and this seemed to shock the viewer into looking at "the real world" in a very different way.

Excllent work Leila, Victor, Ming, Carey, and James!

Best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona!

(a colleague and friend of Aiden)

Emily said...

1094104034 Emily Tzeng
I think Dali is a genius who painted so many freaky paintings. The song is just matched to the paintings. The mood was sooooo right. All of his paintings are amazing! Their presentation is clear and easy to understand. Thanks for bring me into Dali’s dreaming world.

Elizabeth H-S said...

Only about halfway through did I recognize Rodrigo's work. The lyrics of the song have the same dreamy and sometimes sinister quality of the paintings.

Just as in Dali's work, the song sometimes matched the visual qualities, and sometimes created a jarring contrast--while still fitting the mood. Your show made me think more deeply about the paintings and how their meaning is conveyed emotionally and narratively.

You have attempted a great deal in this, and succeeded. I think Dali would have approved.

--Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Sacramento, CA, USA

momoko said...

1094104022 Tneg-mei-chen
The paintings of the Salvador Dali' shows us surrealism, lots of the paintings are abstract, and the music is religious , and it's better to choose different kind of the pictures.