Friday, April 20, 2007

Group 6: Nara

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Anonymous said...

I will choose them to be the best presentation. because the song and the pictures matched so well. I can easily see what the artist wants to express and the style of the art. and their project touched me! I think it's a very great work.
But I hope the PPT could be simpler. There are too much information on one page.

Leila said...

1094104002 Leila Lee
Maybe many people would think the song and pictures matched, but actually those pictures of Nara are usually express anger or complaining something.

Ursula said...

I like this song's melody.
I think this group took much times to match the song and pictures.Because they were so matched.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
I like his paintings,it isn't difficult to understand.
The song is good,but I don't think that photos match the lyrics.
Maybe I don't know him so much.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I learn something important for Nara.I think the childmood is very important for everyone else.
1094104052 Dora

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
I like the painter. He is very famous in Japan. But I don't think this group chose the best song with paintings.

Anonymous said...

1094104019 Ming
I think the movie was not easy to see because the pictures was not clear.

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

I like this topic, because i like the character Nara made. I can feel they are very diligent in preparing the presentation. The song and the picture are very matched.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

You did a good job,because you spent much time to finish it. But I have to say that your moive isn't very good. Because the words in the moive are not clear. It is hard to see. And there are too many words on one page in your ppt.

Mônica Veado said...

I knew almost nothing about Nara's work, group 6, so thank you for such an informative presentation! His work looks very interesting and you've made a very good choice!
Hugs from Brazil!

Hala Fawzi said...

Before viwieng your work, I didn't know who Nara is! Thank you for showing me his work in a very nice way!
Your work is mpressive!
Hala From Khartoum,Sudan

delvallesiosi said...

Hello group 6:
A very beautiful presentation. We had the chance to meet Nara,we didn't know about him or her.
Our teacher suggested us to look for more information.The song was beautiful. But why is the girl so angry??

Hugs from Del Valle in Argentina.
Escuela de Educación Media Nº 3

Emily said...

1094104034 Emily Tzeng
I do think you did a good job. I love your movie and the song, I remembered the song was talking about someone who is lonely and don’t know where to go. It’s a proper song for NARA’s paintings. I wanna command Group 6 is that you should move those hyperlinks from the PPT. You known, there are too much hyperlinks with the words, and those links are not used to present your project.

Emily said...

to delvallesiosi,
Hi! If you want to know that why he draws the children with angry faces and weapons, You may see the answers from their PowerPoint. That’s his painting style.

Dennis said...

Hello, Group 6.

Congratulations on an impressive combination of materials: colorful introductory notes, the Photostory with examples of Nara's work combined with Tara MacLean's song, and the background on Nara in the slideshow.

Like others who have posted here, I had not heard of Nara Yoshitomo before I saw your presentation. Thank you for the introduction.

I think the music was well matched to the thematic content of the images in the Photostory, but with Nara's work, it's hard to know exactly what the images are communicating. I think maybe one has to be "inside Nara's head" to understand his point of view; I'm not sure, for example, what the juxtaposition of seemingly innocent anime-like images of children (and occasionally animals) with the disturbing expressions shown in their eyes is meant to convey. I think maybe one needs to be Japanese--maybe Japanese of Nara's generation--to understand completely.

But I still found the presentation material to be both informative and engaging.

Congratulations, Group 6!

Best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.!

(a friend and colleague of Aiden)

Elizabeth H-S said...

I have seen only one or two of Nara's images before, so this is an introduction to a whole new painter/sculptor for me.

I think the dreamy, whispy voice of the singer and the somewhat surrealistic images of the song were a very good match to Nara's work. Nara sees the world itself as a battered and angry child, who is profane and hopeful at the same time. The leaves falling off the tree could be the loss of illusions, even as childhood is lost.

Thanks for giving us a thoughtful piece. I think you misquoted a few of the lyrics, and one was misspelled, but this can be easily corrected.

--Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Sacramento, CA, USA

Penny said...

1094104039 Penny
I like Nara's paintings,they are so cute. Nara's style is very unique,and Group 6 express about it very well.

momoko said...

1094104022 Tneg-mei-chen
The conception of the song shows a little bit loneliness, so it should arrange some lonesome and dark-colored pictures, but basically, the meaning of the song is revealed.