Friday, April 20, 2007

Project Evaluations

You need to post the following on the class blog:

1) self evaluations: How well did you do your part in this project? Did you contribute anything? How well do you think you did your oral presentation?

2) group evaluations: What are the good points of doing this project together? Do you think your group chose the right topic/subject and music?

3) Other groups' projects: Look and watch their photostories again. Are there any errors in their work, for example, spelling errors? Do you think the lyrics that they put on the slides match the photos being shown?

Where do you post your comments?

Go to individual group's project (as posted on the blog)and click 'Comments'. Write your comments in the text box. Don't forget to include your name and student number. Please note your comments won't affect your grade in this class.


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