Friday, April 20, 2007

Group 5: Renoir

Group 5 Presentation, Intermediate English

Click here to read Group 5's Oral presentation transcript


Anonymous said...

It's good that they put the name of the art under the pictures. and the tempo of the song is pretty slow, that makes me want to see the pictures well. therefore I hope they can put the larger pictures.

Leila said...

1094104002 Leila Lee
The introduction is easy to understand and interesting. It's really good that there are the names of the pictures on the slide show.

Ursula said...

The PPT was easily to understand.I like it.But I think this song--SHE was not match with Renoir's life and his thoughts.In my opinion,the song "SHE" stressed the girls in Renoir's paintings,but not his thoughts why he drew this kind of pictures.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
I just can't understand why they chose this artist and that song.
The song was very good,but it sounds not match his life.

Anonymous said...

1094104052 Dora
I like the song so much.I think they sould spent a lot time to find the song.

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
Their PPT is easily to understand. I like the song 'SHE' which their chose. This song is match with Renoir's paintings, but not his life. And the lyric is not match with the paintings.

Teresa said...

Hi, Group 5 students!
I really enjoyed your presentation! Congratulations! And thank you for giving me the chance to see so many beautiful paintings of women.
It was the first presentation I chose to see, because I've been an enthusiast of the Impressionists and Renoir since my teens.
I liked the way you joined many of the paintings with the lyrics.
I have known the song "She" since my teens sung by the well-known French singer, Charles Aznavour. If I may correct a mistake, this version you have is by Elvis Costello, if I'm not wrong.
Best wishes,
Teresa A. d'Eca (Portugal)

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

Not like other groups, they put all of their contents on power point. That help me easily understand what they want to deliver.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

I like our work very much. Although we didn't do very well on our presentation. I think our ppt is easy to understand and our moive is also clear to see. The music we choose is matched the pictures that Renoir drew. I learned a lot from this work.

Mônica Veado said...

Hello Lotus, Tracy, Gus, Emily and Kevin,
When I was a little girl, my dad gave me a reproduction of 'Girls at the piano', and I have been fascinated with Renoir's works ever since. You did a great job, congratulations!
A hug from sunny Brazil!
Mônica Veado

Emily said...

1094104034 Emily Tzeng
We tried our best to do the project of Renoir. Although we didn’t do very perfect in it, we enjoyed doing the presentation of Renoir. I loved our team work. We choose the song “She” is because of that most of his painting were painted about women. In our view, when taking a sweeping look at the paintings, we should have to make the lyrics correctly with the painting, that would be the easier way to help our classmates understand and impress about Renoir more. The most hardest work was made by Lotus :)

delvallesiosi said...

Congratulations group five:
You made a really good work!
"She" is a perfect song,while we are watching all the women Renoir painted. They're so sweet.
But the beautiful song doesn't belong to Elvis Presley,it's by Elvis Costello (Sorry).
Thanks for your task from Del Valle in Argentina.
If you enter to our teacher's blog,we aren't there. We belong to the public school.

Dennis said...

Hello, Group 5 (Lotus, Tracy, Gus, Emily, and Kevin).

I was impressed with the materials that you assembled (the Word file, the video, and the slide show) about Renoir. I enjoyed how they all "came together" because I've always liked Renoir's work.

I liked the use of "She" as background music because it related well to a common subject in Renoir's paintings: impressions of girls and women.

I also liked the fact that the video moved quickly. It was sometimes challenging to read the lyrics in the amount of time that they were available on particular slides, but that was OK: if the time had been longer, the overall effectiveness of the presentation would have been less, I think.

The slideshow was also a very effective way of presenting biographical and other background information on Renoir.

Congratulations on your teamwork and on the quality of the presentation materials that you created!

Best wishes from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

(a colleague and friend of Aiden)

Anonymous said...

1094104011 A~
I like the artist "Renoir" very much.

momoko said...

1094104022 Tneg-mei-chen
The pictures show us a lot of girls, so we can see the point of "she", and music and pictures are responding to the emotions by displaying the pictures and it is like the expressions of the songs.

Lotus said...

I'm Lotus
Thank you for your comments.