Friday, April 13, 2007

Group 1

Read their oral presentation transcript, click here
Watch their photostory
Note: This project was created by Group 1 members. This video is for educational purposes only and should not be distributed for other purposes.

student project, Intermediate English, connecting art and music. for educational purposes only.


1094104003 Lotus Hung said...

I think the lyrics that they put on the slides match the photos being shown. The background music also can let me image the feeling that walking on the country road.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lotus, the song matches the pictures so well that I feel like walking down the country road breezily. The work is simple but colorful. I like it.

Leila said...

109414002 Leila Lee
When the group introduced the artist, they didn't have any slide show or something. It was hard to understand. But the song is good.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
I like the song "country road",and I think that song are matching the pictures.But I have no idea if that song's lyric mach the painter.They didn't say clearly.

Anonymous said...

1094104052 Dora
I think the song matches the photos.Everything was so perfect.When I listen to the music,I feel so happy and carefree.
Thank you Group 1 do the great job for us.

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
They are the first group to present this presentation. I like their movie. Even though their presentation is not the best ,I think their movie is best of all groups. every paintings are match with the song well.

Michael said...

I've always loved this song and to use it as a companion piece to classical painting works very well for me. Congratulations on great work!

Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear Group 1, dear Aiden,

I can't believe that students could create such a beautiful and amazing photostory which is matched perfectly with lyrics. The background music sounds fantastic and brings me back to my childhood.
Thank you very much for this masterpiece which makes feel happy and tenderness.

The best of luck for the future presentations,
Nina Lyulkn (Ukraine)

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

I think they spent a lot of time collecting pictures, and song choosing. But I think their introduction could be more easier to be known by putting caption.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

I like their song. It can let me feel that I'm just walking on the country road.

Randa said...

Really cool, I love the photostory, the Graphics and music, that goes hand in hand. BRAVO, Randa Effat (Egypt)

delvallesiosi said...

I listened to the music,read the lyrics and enjoyed Pissarro Pictures. We'd seen them before without music and it was completely different.
Mr. Pissarro would feel really proud of your task GROUP 1!!!

We're Susana's students from Del Valle in Argentina

Dennis said...

Hello to Ranessa, Renee, Sandy, and Sherry.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to your presentation on the French Impressionist painter Pissarro.

At first, I was a little surprised to hear John Denver's "Country Roads" playing in conjunction with views of the French countryside. As the presentation progressed, however, I thought it was quite a good match for the paintings by Pissarro which were shown.

Congratulations, Sherry, Sandy, Renee, and Ranessa, on your excellent presentation and the teamwork that made the presentation possible!

Dennis in Phoenix
(a friend and colleague of Aiden's in Arizona, U.S.A.)

momoko said...

1094104022 Teng-mei-chen
The lyrics is conformed to the conception and the painting style, but it will be much better showing us the introduction of the painter by Point Power.

Aiden said...

Hello Group 1,

I thought I'd share this message with you:

Hi Lynn,

I think my students (from last semester) would be honored. I'll copy your message and post it to our class blog at

It's actually a photostory project; you can watch it at

dixieyank wrote:

Hi aidenyeh

dixieyank (a SlideShare user) has sent you a private message.

Would you be willing to share the actual file for your Pissaro slideshow that is on the website? I am developing slideshows for my daughter who is an art teacher and your Pisarro show would be lovely for her share with her students. You can send the file direct to me at l[email deleted] if you do not want to make it downloadable from slideshare. Thank you. Lyn