Saturday, May 12, 2007

Group 8: Picasso

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Ursula said...

I like their moive because they used different soft to make it.
The movie wasn't as same as the other groups.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
Their movie is the best one in the class,but I think they made a wrong
decision.The song wasn't match the paintings.

Anonymous said...

I didn`t see any picasso`s painting
before.I think they did real good job.
1094104052 Dora

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
I like this group's painter and the song. I think the song is match the paintings. Because Picasso's life always with women. And this group's movie also good.

Nina Lyulkun said...

Dear group 8,

You've done this job unbelievably!!!
Pictures are wonderful, Music is fantastic, lyrics is great!

Aiden, thanks a lot for the invitation to visit these amazing creations.

I wish you a great success in your studies.

Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine)

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

They do a good job on the movie, because their animation is better than any other groups. Howerver,I think they can be better at their pronunciation.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

I like their moive because they did well on that. But I think they should do more pratices of their presentation.

rddietrich said...

Way 2 go! I loved your project!

Beijinhos from Portugal,


Teresa said...

Another great project and very pleasantly presented. Congrats to all in Group 8!
Best wishes,
Teresa (in Portugal)

Mônica Veado said...

Hi! That was an awesome presentation, congratulations! It's amazing to see how much Picasso's painting changed through the years, isn't it? A true master, no doubt!
Thanks Aiden, for inviting me to visit your students' blogs!
Hugs from Brazil,

Anonymous said...

A very impressive work for a man who changed the world with his painting and his character!!I loved the music too!
Hala from Sudan

Emily said...

1094104034 Emily Tzeng
I love their movie. They made the paintings of Picasso become more fantastic by changing the paintings artfully. That’s cool. by the way, I wanna suggest Group 8 you have to believe in yourselves that you can do the presentation of English, just like singing songs~ do not be afraid of to speak English. Just speak out loud, to show that you had prepared the presentation.

delvallesiosi said...

Dear group 8:
we loved your presentation. Are you artists?You handle the software better than the other groups. We saw it several times.The song is perfect for the blended images.You adapted the images to the story of the song jumping forward to cubism or backward to the blue period.
Hugs from Escuela de Educacion Media 3
Del Valle in Argentina

Penny said...

1094104039 Penny
Your movie is very professional.
It's different with the other groups.
I'm enjoy to see your lyrics.

Dennis said...

Hello, Group 8 (Jerry, Invan, Edward, Eric, and Misao).

I was impressed with the materials that you assembled on Picasso--the Microsoft Word background information, the Photostory (which combined background information on Picasso, images of his works, and Skeeter Davis' song "The End of the World"), and the slideshow.

At first, I found the music for the Photostory a little odd: Picasso and Skeeter Davis? As I watched and listened, however, I changed my mind--because the title "The End of the World" definitely "connected" to the changes in Picasso's life, particularly the shift from one style of painting to another and the interconnection of his personal relationships and the kind of work he produced.

The Photostory was outstanding. I thought that it was particularly engaging because of the many effects you used to make transitions from one image to the next.

The other materials were also very good--because they outlined the story of Picasso's life and gave background information which helped in understanding what lay behind the very different styles he employed during his artistic career.

Congratulations, Group 8! Good job!

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.

Dennis in Phoenix
(a colleague and friend of Aiden's)

Anonymous said...

1094104021 Gemini

I saw their moive,then I knew that picasso like to painting women.I like their moive,too.

momoko said...

1094104022 Teng-mei-chen
The last part is responding to the song, which is king of interesting.