Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visitors' Comments on your class projects


This was a fabulous project! I have been thinking of doing something along these lines but haven't had a class of students old enough to get things going. I LOVED your students work and YOUR initiative.

Way 2 go!

Beijinhos from Portugal,



Hi Aiden,
the projects were really very interesting, I loved their choices of
artists! I couldn't leave a comment on group 1's blog (Pissarro)
because I couldn't access the blog... I think there's something
missing in the url (perhaps the name of the artist, but none of my
guesses worked).

There were some problems with the links (some extra spaces), so I
fixed them so that other people may be able to access the blogs

Congratulations to you and your students, they must have had a lot
of fun doing the projects!

Um abraco,

Monica Veado
http://projectplaty pus2.blogspot. com

Hi, Aiden!

What great projects! A great idea and great accomplishments!
Kudos to you and your students!!!

I left comments in a couple of them.

Hugs, Teresa {Portugal]


Dear Aiden:

Congratulations to you and your students. I'm going to add comments later, but I'm going to show the presentations to my students first.
I've seen the first one so far. It's fantastic. The song fits perfectly to the images.I loved it.

Susana Canelo
Del Valle
Dear Aiden,

I have been amazed immensely by the beautiful works of your students. I am
very much thankful to you for inviting us to enjoy these masterpieces. It's
a good example for my students for the future.

Great JOB! Stay happy!

Nina Lyulkun

These are amazing Aiden. Congrats to you and your students. You have
raised the bar once again. And you just know that I will use these in
a presentation someday somewhere ;-)

Great stuff, and thanks for sharing them.

- Michael (Australia)



Dennis said...

Hello, Aiden.

My congratulations on the wonderful work you're doing with your students.

I just finished adding comments on the last of your students' Art-based presentations; the presentations were very well done indeed.

I was particularly impressed with the multiliterate aspects of the presentations, since they all involved producing Microsoft Word background documents, a slide show combining samples of a given artist's work with background information, and a Photostory (a video, actually) which brought together samples of an artist's work, background information, and a musical selection.

I was also intrigued by the comments found linked to each presentation. I was fascinated by the honest reactions of the students to their peers and impressed in a very different way with the messages you've received from Brazil, Portugal, the Ukraine, and other places around the world.

You're an inspiration to all of us, Aiden, and are making wonderful progress in moving to what could only called a post-Web 2.0 project!

With my admiration and very best wishes--

D. Oliver
(Dennis in Phoenix)

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