Saturday, May 12, 2007

Group 7: March Chagall

Click here to read their report (Word)

Group 7's presentation, intermediate English, Photostory project, for educational purposes only


Ursula said...

Of course. I like our presentation.
I think the most difficult with this presentation is gleaning the informations.And that combining the lyric and the paintings is also difficult.

Anonymous said...

1094104027 Polly
Yes,it's difficult job,we changed the song all the time.Very difficult to choose,until we find this song.We have the best members,and the most perfect presentation,and then we did a good job.

Anonymous said...

1094104032 Cherry
I am glad that I belong to this group. Because my members is good. We took times to practice this presentation .So all of us do the best performance. By the way I think the most difficult with this presentation is also the song and paintings.

Anonymous said...

1094104009 Vincent

I agree with them. They really do a good job. They understand very well about March Chagall. I also like March Cahagall's paintings.

Anonymous said...

1094104008 Tracy

I think they did well on their job. Their moive is clear that we can easy to understand. Their presentation is good. Their ppt is also easy to understand.

Mônica Veado said...

Great video - and I loved the song! I didn't know much about Chagall's early life, so the ppt was very helpful! Congratulations to all the group.
Hugs from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

1094104034 Emily Tzeng
There was a Taiwan singer sang about Chagall. I thought his painting was all about his dream. Actually, I am wrong. By seeing their presentation, I got the right view about Chagall. I love their project, their voices are clear, and the present is easy to understand. I do love the song “Breakaway” either. It touched me so much. I think you did a wonderful job!

delvallesiosi said...

Dear group 7:
Congratulations!!! You have a lot of images by Chagall,all of them like dreams.
We liked a lot and we looked for the song because we didn't know it,and we liked it very much.
The images changes and get closer all the time, so you get the sensation that it's a film!!!

Hugs from Escuela de Educacion Media Nº 3
Del Valle

Dennis said...

Hello, Group 7 (Carol, Ursula, Polly, Cherry, and Alma).

I enjoyed your presentation on Marc Chagall. The MSW file gave a good overview of background information, the slideshow presented that information with images of a variety of Chagall's works, and the Photostory was an interesting combination of background information, images, and the pop song "Breakaway." The theme of breaking away applies very well, I think, to the story of Chagall's life and the evolution of his artistic vision.

I like some of Chagall's work a lot, particularly the more monumental pieces like the stained glass windows. I can also see the influence of Russian icons (religious paintings) in his work--mostly in the colors and the not-quite-lifelike depiction of people).

Thank you for this very interesting presentation, Group 7, and congratulations on the results!

Best wishes from Dennis in Phoenix
(a friend and colleague of Aiden's in Arizona, U.S.A.)

Penny said...

1094104039 Penny
They did their presentation very well. I have seen March Chagall before. After they introduced,I know about him clearly.

Anonymous said...

1094104021 Gemini
I think some of words in their moive should be more bigger.I like the song and their moive.

Anonymous said...

1094104007 Carol
I think putting the lyric and pictures together is a hard work. We also practice the pronunciation more and more. We really did a good job.

momoko said...

1094104022 Tneg-mei-chen
The character is a little bit too small and not coincident and it's not clearly showed. The painting sytle and the song style are not matched, some parts of it are interesting, and the ending in not understandable.

doris3m said...

Congratulations to the group you did a great job... I loved the music and the painting you selected..I will invite my students to come and see your work here and with your permission.. I will posted it our EFL University Ning.. under The kareoke and more group...

Thanks for sharing and working so hard. Your work is very well appreciated it over here...
A hug from Venezuela and kepp on shining Love and Peace!