Thursday, March 01, 2007

Class Project for Spring 2007

Intermediate English Project for Spring 2007

The Artist
1. If you were to introduce an artist, who would choose and why?
2. Choose an artist (someone who paints) and provide information about him.
3. Provide reasons why you chose this artist.
4. Describe his art. What is his style or philosophy in creating art?
5. Show one or two examples of his/her art.

The Art

6. Create a short photostory (2-3 minutes) using powerpoint (PPS) or WMV
7. Include pictures of the artist’s work
8. Choose a background music that expresses any of the following:
i. Theme of his/her work
ii. Artist’s personality
iii. Any aspect of the artist’s work and/or life

9. You need to listen and understand the lyrics. What is the music telling us and how does it match the illustrations that you will be showing?

10. Use the Van Gogh photostory as an example.

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