Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Social Phobia Audio Forum

Assignment for March 9, you need to leave a message on the audio forum, Chinswing. Answer the 2 questions on social phobia, see page 88 of your book.

You need to join and sign-in at Chinswing. It's a free site.

Click here to go to Chinswing audio forum on social phobia.

Let me know if you have questions by posting a message here on the blog. Click 'Comments' to post your message.


Cherry said...

hello Mrs. Yeh ,I am Cherry ,I have a problem about record. That is I save 2 messages in chinswing. I want to delete the number 22. But i cannot. please help me. How to delete the number 22. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

Aiden said...

We can't delete the posts :-(

No need to worry about it, Cherry.